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“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”
--John Keats

TORIS prepares you for crisis and critical incidents, through direct exposure to threats, in a simulated environment. Your job isn’t pulling a trigger or pulling over vehicles; it’s making decisions under crushing stress with everything on the line. You're expected to do that while sifting through hazy memories of meetings, lectures, videos and classroom drills.
Something doesn't add up.

We examined why “the map isn’t the territory” when first responders describe the difference between training and violent assault. Their vivid, harrowing recollections reinforced what worked and helped them make better, safer decisions—whether armed or not.

TORIS develops and tests your ability in critical incidents while mimicking how you recall dangerous events. Your turns in The Simulator (and the lessons you learn there) are etched into your mind as actionable reminders of what it took to fight for your life.

Skills fade and classes may be hard to recall, but surviving attempted murder is unforgettable. You carry that with you forever. On or off duty, you need to be armed with experience.

Enter The Simulator

Our instructors and clients related the first lesson learned on the job: your training doesn't reflect the realities you face. So we created a safe way to face reality. The Simulator