SFC Red | US Army/JSOC

I've been in the Army for twelve years. I've been to war five times on active duty and twice more as a private military contractor. The majority of my service was spent as an assaulter in Special Operations (75th Ranger Regiment). I am currently a Sniper/Recon Platoon Sergeant in the National Guard. Throughout my military career, I've been subjected to many physical and mental tests of fortitude. I graduated Ranger Indoctrination Program, Ranger school, Sniper school, MACP Level3 and CAG selection (to name a few). During my free time I'm a competitive athlete; Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, marathons and obstacle courses. With all of my experiences, I've learned a lot about myself both physically and mentally. Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced in the Simulator.

I'm certainly not trying to take anything away from the training I received through my military education. I will also not discredit the athletic endeavors I choose to participate in. However, the TORIS Simulator is so unique I have no other experience to compare it to. I signed up for the workshop with the mindset of “This will be fun, I might learn some new shit and probably have a good workout.” I was the last one of my group to go through the Simulator. I watched six men experience the Simulator and I thought I had a good game plan of how to function once it was my turn. I was wrong.

Once in the Simulator, I immediately experienced panic, fear and terror like I never had before. The initial shock was so bad I had to be coached back into reality. The experience was that of a wide awake nightmare that came in crashing waves. Every time I thought I had control, I rapidly returned to the nightmare. This happened time and time again until I fulfilled each of the training requirements.

The most important lesson I learned from this experience was my mind’s ability to function in the worst possible conditions. When facing an onslaught of attacks I was able to slow down my mind and use efficient simple techniques to get the job done. When all is said and done, my own mind was my true test during the experience. Negative thoughts lead to panic and ultimately failure; while goal-driven, positive thought triages any situation and turns the unbelievable into the possible.

   SFC Army Sniper/Recon
   Former 1st Ranger Battalion, JSOC SME

“Whiskey” | USN/NSW

There are so many forms of martial arts/self defense tactics and techniques being marketed today. There are twice that many arguments about which one is superior and which holds merit for specific applications. The TORIS program gracefully sidesteps this argument and offers a simplistic solution to being able to defend yourself in life or death situations. Filling an otherwise unaddressed gap in most training programs.

While the practical application of this program is simple, the hard work that its creator put forth to bring it to fruition is very obvious from the first day. The level of research is like nothing I've seen before in any of its “competitors”. It is akin to a doctorate thesis and was developed with the help of multiple PhD's.

The TORIS Workshop offers something for everyone. The class was comprised of everyone from local Law Enforcement to US Navy SEALs to US Border Patrol. Each entity is allowed and encouraged to train within their own TTPs/SOPs and apply the techniques as needed while adhering to their specific ROE's/EOF (Rules of Engagement/Escalation of Force).

The course never fails in keeping its students engaged, both during briefing and practical execution. The level of professionalism is above what is expected for such courses while maintaining a positive learning environment.

The course is both mentally and physically challenging. It allows the individual to push his or her training limits as much as they would like, while maintaining a stringent emphasis on student safety that is established early on.

Anybody who operates in harm's way or who are responsible for colleagues lives need to experience this training.


TOS Brian Yarges | USCBP

On May 26 and 27, I attended the TORIS Personal Lethal Force 210. As a 20-year federal law enforcement officer and defensive tactics, arrest techniques and use of force instructor, I have had the opportunity to train around the country and with a wide variety of nationally- and internationally-known instructors. I can honestly say that the TORIS PLF course was hands-down the best defensive tactics training I have ever attended.

In my opinion, what truly sets a TORIS course apart from others out there is the training methodology. Torin Hill has taken modern defensive tactics training to a whole new level. If you are looking for a way to train yourself or your agency personnel without having to find a matted surface, pad up in protective gear and leave your duty gear behind due to safety concerns, this is the training for you. If you are a risk manager or agency management who is concerned with training liability as most are, this is the training for you. If most importantly, you are looking for truly effective, efficient training that will meet your risk management concerns, make your personnel better prepared for the realities of violence yet less likely to overreact and use unnecessary force, this is the training for you.

The PLF course is not a replacement for your agency arrest and control training. The PLF course picks up where most defensive tactics training leaves off, removing the “theory” from lethal force application and digging down into the reality of human interaction when a person puts their hands on another person in a violent encounter. Not only will your personnel receive the confidence that comes with knowing that they are fully capable of finding a way out of a violent encounter, they will also develop the knowledge that what they currently know can have considerably unintended consequences that they were probably never educated about.

Take this course or send your people to it. You won't regret it.

--Brian Yarges
   Training Operations Supervisor
   U.S. Border Patrol Academy


I have been involved in the martial arts for nearly twenty five years. I have black belts in Judo and Brazilian jiujitsu, as well as ten years training in striking arts from Western boxing to Muay Thai, also knife fighting courses I have attended off and on through out the years, as well as other disciplines I have dabbled in throughout this last twenty or so years. I attended countless seminars and workshops, with renowned world class instructors and competitors in their modalities.

As a civilian I instructed literally thousands of people right off the street, from the regular house wife to professional athletes and fighters. In my capacity as a Corpsman, I instructed Marines and corpsmen alike in BJJ and Judo. For the past four years I have been involved in combatives skill development for Navy Special Warfare operators and support staff as part of their pre-deployment workup.

I can say with 100% certainty that if I were in a situation today where I had to fight one or more individuals for my life, the tools I've learned from TORIS would be the first and most likely only techniques I would use to incapacitate my attackers.

The program is by far the most practical and comprehensive I have ever had the pleasure of attending—not to mention effective. I recommend (no urge) anyone who is looking for an effective way of unarmed combat to take their course, it will just about place deadly weapons right at your fingertips.

I eagerly look forward to participating in more of their paradigm-shifting workshops.

--J. A.

A.L. | LEO

What can I say about this workshop… It was the best, worst 2 days I've experienced. The best because I feel as though the class was very fluid and was adapted to fit my law enforcement background very easily. The worst because it made me realize that I was basically walking around without the skills or mindset to save my own life during a critical incident.

I truly believe that if this training were given at the academy level in law enforcement that it would further weed out those who are not willing to take the profession seriously, and take their own lives seriously.

Over the course of the 2 days I obtained the best defensive tactics training in my career. It was easy to digest and understand. And I was given the mindset to understand how to apply these techniques under intense pressure. A pressure that I've never experienced, never want to experience again, but know that I am now far more prepared to confront if necessary.

This training is an absolute must for both civilian and LE/Military personnel. The training is exactly like the academy, it sucks while you're doing it but you feel like a million bucks when you're done. I would highly recommended investing in yourself and taking this course.

    Police Officer

Chief Ajay | USN/NSW

Today was the first time I've ever felt vulnerable when I had someone in a clinch.

--Chief Ajay
   Combatives Instructor

Nick Betts

This was just a very brief introduction to what the TORIS program provides to students. [read more from Nick Betts here] With this introduction came a series of very simple methods to use against a possible attacker. It needs to be noted that this is not a martial art or some other form of competitive self defense class. These maneuvers and methods are meant to be used only in defense of life. With that being said, this is the ultimate course on self defense and protecting ones self from the threat that so commonly plagues society.

Torin is truly a subject matter expert and has such a vast amount of knowledge with regards to the human body and it's weaknesses that this course will level the playing field for even the most frail and weak of citizens. TORIS needs to be mandatory for all levels of law enforcement and especially the Military.

--Nick Betts
   Public Figure Protector

Chief Petty Officer OHB | USN/NSW Support

After spending over 40 hours of training time with TORIS, I can assure you that Torin is the real deal.

Many personal protection systems have techniques, tactics, and strategies. But TORIS provides you with all that and more! When I take a course I look for depth in the material presented. One of my main criteria for training is how applicable the technique or tactic is in the real world.

Torin's ability to match his material with your specific environment is one of the highlights of the course. He also makes sure the context of the course is clear. Not only does he provide you with tangible skills, he ensures you walk out of the course with knowledge on when to employ your new capabilities.

TORIS allows you to develop your abilities in a way that replicates what it feels like to be in a situation that requires you to stop the threat in the fastest way possible.

I know many people question whether or not they will be able to employ the skills taught in a TORIS course, my answer is: The only thing holding you back will be you. TORIS will teach you not only what and how—but will give you the competence to employ your techniques when it counts most.

Deadly encounters require you to act decisively, quickly, and without hesitation. In my opinion, TORIS is essential to your survival toolbox.

--Chief Petty Officer OHB
   NSW Support

J.C. | LEO

I have been a police officer for five years. Three of those years, I've worked in two rough cities (one of which constantly ranks as the most dangerous city in the country). My assignment was to handle priority calls (fights in progress, shootings, armed suspects, etc.). I developed a lot of hands-on experience in a short amount of time and witnessed a lot of horrible things.

In addition, I have over fifteen years of martial arts experience (Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), five years of training in Muay Thai and eight years of Judo). Combined with some work-related training in active shooter doing simunitions training, street survival courses taught by my former department's SWAT team and BJJ for law enforcement, I believed I was well rounded in my ability to function under stress and adequately defend myself against an attack.

However, after participating in the TORIS Intro Workshop in NYC on November 8th and 9th, 2014, the rug was literally pulled from under my feet. Torin Hill, and his staff, have created an amazing system for civilians, LEOs or military personnel unlike anything I've ever experienced. The training that I received there is second to none. It truly highlighted the fact that I didn't know S@*$!

All of the prior training that I have participated in begins from a false premise. Other instructors demonstrated a technique for a specific problem. They never address a true threat (the specific problem is just one aspect of the overall threat) as TORIS does, hence the name Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System. Other instructors who have most likely never been tested in a real life critical incident believe that you can perform a certain technique in a dangerous setting. However, they never created that dangerous setting or feeling. TORIS does that and more, while keeping you safe. Officers are exposed to OC Spray and Tasers for a reason, so that they know what the experience is. Should you ever be accidentally sprayed, one should know what it feels like so that he or she can get through it. It is my belief that one should experience the sheer terror and stress of a critical incident. Without having experienced that, one will never know how or IF they can function in that capacity. TORIS creates that dangerous setting through their Simulator. In addition, their methods are backed by research in body mechanics, injury methods, etc. I don't know any other defensive tactics system that can say that.

Trust me when I say this when you go through the Simulator all of the things that you believe you know and are capable of, go straight out the window. As Torin says, "Stress is the most performance diminishing drug". TORIS gives you the necessary skills to fight through that stress, neutralize a threat and accomplish the task at hand. Simply put TORIS is the BEST, MOST REALISTIC and SCARIEST training that I've ever done. The first day I worked the streets after completing my training, I felt like Superman, Spiderman and Batman all rolled into one. Not in a tombstone courage sense, but I noticed that my tactics, awareness and confidence in my abilities were incredibly heightened.

Dr. Jonathan Crane (The Scarecrow), I mean Torin Hill is a genius. In addition, he is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and truly cares about his students. Anyone looking to learn to protect themselves should train with TORIS and Torin Hill. I can't recommend it enough. I plan on taking the class again.

    Certified New Jersey and Pennsylvania Police Officer
    Patrol Division

Prashant Paul

As a martial arts instructor, I do my best to teach topics from a ‘realistic’ self-defense based perspective. I build my own training around this same principle.

Attending TORIS took almost everything I saw as efficient, realistic training and turned it on its head. I have been involved in more confrontations on the street than I would have liked. Some of these were life threatening situations involving guns and knives... I suppose it's all part of living in larger city. While I've trained for almost my whole life, I was never able to emulate the panic, stress, and fear I felt during the Simulator. A large part of the physical element (technique, timing, strategy, reactions, etc.) falls apart when these factors are added to training. Up until now, I never thought I could experience the psychological elements of a fight in a safe environment.

TORIS has changed the way I look at training and self defense. Instead of replacing my martial arts experience, it serves as a new and improved filter for what is practical, considering the nerves and panic in a real-life situation. I can now say I have a better understanding of how to train for fights that don't go down like the movies.

It's sad to say but there are tons of nonsensical programs in the martial arts/self defense world. They provide a false sense of security that can get participants injured or killed should they ever need to defend themselves. After being in the field for so many years, you develop a keen eye for what is BS and what is legit. I can honestly say TORIS is the latter. I want all of my friends and students to take this workshop. Whether you are a martial artist, professional fighter, or just looking for a workout, this workshop will change your perspective on training and redefine your measures of what it takes to stay safe.

The beauty of TORIS is how it prepares your body and MIND for when things get ugly.

--Prashant Paul
   Founder/Owner of Control Kickboxing

James Pell | Site Supervisor

When initially signing up for the introductory TORIS seminar, I thought there was a lot of hype. The NDA felt like a (well-thought-out) marketing gimmick, but in the end, I expected some quality training with some professional people -- but nothing that would change my life. Everyone has a product to sell, and Mr. Torin Hill seemed to be selling his just a little bit better than the next guy.

What I received however, was in fact life changing. The hype was real. The THREAT was real -- or at the very least, felt that way. I've never seen men cry during training. I've never seen grown, experienced professionals grapple with real guilt and panic during training. I've never seen real fear in the middle of training. Most importantly, I've never had the opportunity to experience these things myself in a training environment -- not until TORIS.

It deserves your attention, and definitely deserves a place in your training rotation. Looking back, I now realize that Mr. Hill wasn't "selling" his product better than the next guy. His product is actually better than the next guy's -- it just happens to sell itself.

Last but not least - the material touches on subject matter that is often excluded in other close-quarters/ hand-to-hand courses -- information that will help you after a lethal encounter when you have to defend your actions, information that will make you more efficient and improve your survivability in conflict, and all of it is extensively sourced and backed scientifically.

If you acknowledge that you might one day find yourself in harm's way, this is the program that will help get you back home.

--James Pell
   Site Supervisor
   Private Sector

Guro Roan Grimm

In well over 20+ years of dedicated martial arts training, and having attended numerous martial arts/defensive tactics/lethal force courses from some of the most well-recognized 'names' in the industry, I can honestly say that the [Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System] Intensive is UNQUESTIONABLY at the top of the pyramid. Torin Hill has designed a program that seamlessly blends with existing defensive tactics/combat skillsets, but addresses the narrow gap where lethal force is justified, but firearms aren't already deployed.

The amount of empirical data Mr. Hill has amassed in relation to debilitating physical injury and the real way such injuries are caused is unparalleled. Using this raw data as the foundation of his program, Torin reverse-engineered the most efficient way to inflict such injuries, and built the TORIS curriculum around it. His cutting edge teaching methods allow for the rapid learning and SAFE practice of VERY DANGEROUS physical skills, provided you are willing to put forth serious and dedicated effort. Using the rigorous scrutiny of the scientific method, Mr. Hill very effectively dismantles and slaughters many ‘sacred cows’ inherent in martial training, and replaces them with simple truth, backed by reams of supporting data.

If you are in a command position in the military or law-enforcement, you owe it to yourself and to the personnel under your command to call TORIS and set up training, ASAP. An important point for those who work in law enforcement, this course covers and best prepares you for making the critical choices in violent situations, avoiding the use of unnecessary force, and keeping within your department's established TTPs and use-of-force continuums.

Military personnel will also greatly benefit from the stress inducing scenarios, and allow them to develop the experience to make good decisions “under fire” while following established unit/team SOPs regarding rules of engagement. If you are dedicated to, above all else, learning REAL SKILLS that can save your life in lethal situations, you must attend this course.

NO ONE else is teaching this material, in this way, with this much research behind the program. Other courses may claim they teach this material - they do not. If you are deciding between TORIS and any other programs, choose TORIS. And make no mistake, if you cannot check your ego when learning new material or if you firmly believe only your martial art has 'THE TRUTH' regarding combat, then you should not attend this course. Fragile egos and sacred cow devotees will not survive the TORIS course.

As a last word, the TORIS course I attended was comprised of a dozen men, from local law enforcement defensive tactics instructors, to US Border Patrol, to active duty military, including special operations personnel. Each and every one of them agreed that the TORIS course is cutting edge training, and all have heartily endorsed the program. I consider myself VERY lucky to have had the opportunity to train among such phenomenal company, and wholeheartedly add my own endorsement.


--Roan Kalani “Poidog” Grimm
   Guro, Dog Brothers Martial Arts
   (30+ years martial arts training)

Sam Oropeza

Stop reading this testimonial and go sign up to train with TORIS now! I had a very strong experience with my training in many different ways. Torin shows you how to effectively react to a threat and identify potential threats in a way that is beneficial for anyone who values their life and the lives of others. I have over a decade of BJJ training and the techniques I learned were simple in their nature and really made me take a step back to restructure my training format for the future. If anyone feels that they could easily defend themselves in a life-threatening or deadly attack, trust me, make the investment to train with TORIS and I guarantee your belief system will be challenged and changed after you understand how unprepared and vulnerable you are to a real threat.

I did this workshop because I am a father and take much pride in being a person who wants to be as effective as possible in stopping a threat. To explain how serious I take my training: I am a professional fighter with 16 fights I have traveled the country training at some of the biggest training camps. I really thought I had felt the most intense pressure a human being could be exposed to in a physical confrontation, but I was very wrong. I felt stress, panic, and terror (yes, I said terror) in such high volumes and intensity. In my 30 years of life on this planet I can not recall the feeling Torin created in our training. I am not someone who has had an easy life, I have had many traumatic experiences and obstacles to overcome which has guided me to be mentally strong. I had to really look inside myself to finish the training, and saw what real panic can do to my mental capacity and stability. I feel this investment was one of the smartest decisions I have made, to challenge myself, to grow, and become a better person.

I would recommend the Simulator for military personnel, law enforcement, bodyguards, and anyone who wants to challenge themselves and see what kind of stress you really can handle. I am one week out, and the effects are noticeable. Everyone will have a different experience, but for me, it was much needed and I am grateful to have Torin as a coach and a friend!

--Sam Oropeza

Jason Schultz

Violence is chaos.
A clear mind and awareness of self are more important than how hard you can hit the other guy. This was the number one lesson I took home with me from TORIS.

In the 23 years I have been involved in the world of martial arts I had never had anyone make that point to me. Having this exposure to TORIS has fundamentally changed the way I will approach not only my personal training but the way I work with my students. My eyes have been open to new possibilities and truths. I had always been skeptical that people can learn new behavior in a short period of time but I was proven wrong and I am more than happy about that. Not even 24 hours after the my turn in The Simulator I found myself in a possibly volatile situation and was able to address it in a way that I would not have been able to prior. My thought remained clear and I moved from process to process without even thinking about it. At the time this was occurring I didn't even realize what I was doing. It was only after the fact that it dawned on me.

Your survival is ultimately up to you. This service is invaluable and must be taken advantage of. It does not matter if you are a civilian, LEO, or military; TORIS is a system that you cannot afford to ignore. The lessons you'll learn far outweigh the investment.

I will be back for a second round.

--Jason Schultz

Kyle Roberts

When entering TORIS on the first day I didn't know what to expect. I figured Torin was going to be a mean, nasty person. I soon learned he is the exact opposite and ended up becoming most of the reason I made it.

The first day was hard work physically, we all had bruises head to toe. It feels like you got hit by a car. We also learned a lot, but more importantly we were taught a “360” perspective so we knew the risks to ourselves and who we are inflicting the damage on. Never before have I had a class tell me what my actions will do to the enemy and that alone is a game changer. In the class we also learned many of the myths of combat, like nose bone into the brain. Me being partially disabled, I was proud I even made it past day one and I felt like I was physically ready for day two.

After a little help from ██████-powder I realized this is a lot more then physical stress. I haven't been in many fights but that was the worst I have been in. It's on all accounts draining and possibly one of the hardest things I have done. When you are in the moment you forget that it's not real, you feel like you are actually fighting for your life. You don't recognize your friends, they just become people trying to kill you. Everything is so fast, and your turn it passes quickly but in the moment I spent a life time on my turn.

I would recommend this to everyone super combat vet to never been in a fight, this will show you who you are when the shit gets real. The phrase “train as you fight” is taken seriously here.

--Kyle Roberts

Sgt Mahoney | 1st Ranger Bat

I attended a brief session with Torin to get a grasp on the type of training offered and I also got an idea of how the instruction is delivered. As a former Army Ranger I can say that the training at TORIS is unlike any training I received in the service.

As a soldier, most of the training you will receive is delivered under the expectation that YOU are in complete control of the situation. At TORIS, you will be put in a scenario where you are outmatched and highly stressed, but you will learn to find a way to survive despite the odds. For law enforcement personnel, this course will not teach you how to conduct your arrests, but rather how to examine all aspects a certain situation in a way that will let you make your arrest the best way possible. For civilians this course is great for teaching you several defensive techniques that you were probably not privy to beforehand.

This course is also great for inducing stresses that most people have probably never experienced, and it does so in a safe way. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to apply defensive techniques under stress that may help them survive a violent encounter someday.

--Brett Mohney
   Former Army Sergeant
   1st Ranger Battalion

John Johnson

I've never served in the military and am not a law enforcement officer. I'm a mid-30 year old concealed carry holder who's trained in martial arts on and off since my early teens. My physical training has been very limited over the past few years due to recurring injuries.

I have attended various multi day firearms and self defense classes over the past decade. I can say hands down TORIS was the best, most realistic training experience I've ever had. It is the complete package with methods and techniques backed up by hard medical and scientific data.

Torin is a great instructor who is able to help you find your absolute physiological and mental limits without risk of serious injury. For someone who's experienced serious injuries in the past that was a key aspect for me. I've spent over half of my life training hard. I now have to be able to train "smart" and this class was as smart as it gets.

For as long as I've trained I've always had the underlying question in the back of my mind. Would I be able to apply these skills under the stress of a life or death situation? My attitude is if I'm going to take on the responsibility of carrying a pistol and defending myself or my family I owe it to them to be as proficient as possible. That proficiency can be quickly diminished by severe stress. Torin shows you what does and doesn't work and why. It's also answered that question for me that yes, I could overcome that level of stress. To me, having that information and confidence is priceless.

The simulator has stayed with me going on 3 days now after experiencing it. I would invite anyone interested in learning new skills, testing their prior skills, and learning in a great collaborative environment to experience it as well.

--John Johnson

TSgt Saul Mendoza | USAF

The TORIS Intensive absolutely blew my mind. I thought it was going to be your basic class that I have seen many times before. Punch here, kick that, block this, and that sort of thing, but it was so much more than that. Not only does it expose you to a new skill set, but also a mindset. The kind of mindset that may very well save your life one day.

At the beginning of the TORIS Intensive, you quickly realize that this is not even close to being your average lethal defense class, because it is never referred to as a “defense class” but instead its referred to as a F██████ ████ ███████y. As the instructor explains the different movements, not only does the instructor explain the movement but he also explained how it works, and as to why the movements are effective with scientific backing to every point he makes. The meticulous research accomplished in order to create TORIS is evident through the extensive knowledge presented by the instructor.

TORIS re-creates much more than just the physical aspect of a life-threatening altercation. At most basic classes the only realistic aspect is the exhaustion experienced by the physical altercation, but with the methods used in TORIS, besides the feeling of utter exhaustion, it adds other emotional factors that you would more than likely encounter in an actual altercation, such as panic, fear, anxiety, and surprise.

Another benefit to TORIS is that it is not designed to replace your current skillset, but rather to enhance the skills you already possess. Regardless of whether you have a martial arts background, combat experience, or no experience at all, you can still benefit immensely from the knowledge gained at TORIS.

TORIS was a truly humbling experience. It offered me so much more than I ever expected and I would recommend it to anyone who refuses to be a victim. The knowledge gained at the TORIS intensive WILL save your life if the need arises. I hope to never have to use what I learned at the TORIS intensive, but if that day comes, I'll be ready.

--TSgt Saul Mendoza

Officer Mike Bishop | SDHP

If you are an armed professional you owe it to yourself, your team members and your agency to attend a TORIS training course. I just completed the [Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System Intensive]. I have attended many Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Use of Force courses, but this course covered material that was always missing from those classes.

Torin Hill addressed the subject of deadly force when firearms are not instantly available in a manner that prepared me mentally, physically and legally. His unique training methods enabled me to experience real deadly force simulations over and over in a safe but realistic manner. This one of a kind training was able to simulate the mental and physical pressures of a life and death situation as well as prepare me for post-incident care of myself and suspect. I was able to go through this progression at least 60-70 times during the 3 days.

I cannot recommend this training enough for anyone who is an armed professional. Please feel free to contact me regarding this course if you have any further questions.
This was the second time I took the Lethal Force Intensive Course. The first time was a three-day (30 hour) course and the second was a two-day (20 hour) course. I did not know what to expect the second time around. Would it be just a rehash of the same material and same exercises?

The short answer is, NO.
The beauty of the course is that, due to the unique teaching methodology, each class naturally puts you at a higher level of skill. Torin Hill and his staff are able to increase the students’ skill-level based on their observations of student progress during the course. It's like having a custom-made course designed for you each class! The ability of the staff to increase survival factors during The Simulator makes this training limitless.

The TORIS Teaching Model is what makes student retention and understanding accelerate over other methodologies. Nothing is left to guess, all material is covered in-depth. I would recommend taking this course numerous times—without the fear of ever having a duplicate experience.

--Officer Mike Bishop
   Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor
   San Diego Harbor Police

Nepo | USCBP

Quite simply no other martial art or system has ever made me revisit my worst experiences/encounters with violent people intent on killing me. TORIS has given me the scientifically proven tools, properly scaled training, and simple solutions to decisively win the fight. TORIS mirrors the same levels of physiological response, mental stress, and utter exhaustion of a real knock-down drag-out fight.

Not only physical training, but also mental preparation is taught in more ways than one. No other fighting coach has ever discussed with me the social contract we agree to in our everyday lives or in competition. No other instructor has ever exposed my weaknesses of bias, routine training, and positive experience. No guru has ever incrementally exposed me to stress to build my mental composure and focus.

It is my humble belief that there is no other system out there that can effectively and safely train deadly force scenarios as TORIS. No other training has ever provided me with a method of conducting dozens of deadly scenarios within such a short span of time.

The amount of work it took to create TORIS was a lifetime of pain and injury from more than one gifted person, but within a short period of time Mr. Hill earnestly teaches it in a manner where you can make it your own.


David W.

The dry-fire drills that were practiced Day One were very helpful, as they demonstrated how much more intricate dry-fire drills can be developed and practiced. Rather than just mindless dry-fire repetitions against a wall.

It's really great you're doing stuff like that—it's the equivalent of sim work. Kind of crazy seeing an 8-year-old climb into a racing sim, and instantly start finding lines. I saw the same thing that day at the carbine class. You got brand new shooters to shoot and move in a very compressed time frame.
For some reason this 2Day in particular felt like quite a milestone in my skillset development at TORIS. For the last two years since training with you, I have had opportunities outside of TORIS to utilize the skills developed in addition to the simulator iterations.

[…] after seeing the totality of the TORIS Teaching Model presented during this class, I am truly amazed at the things accomplished by everything encompassed in the TORIS teaching model. Looking back at each training iteration starting from the very beginning, the ramping of both stress and cognitive load has been very consistent with the TORIS teaching objectives. Looking back now, each of my individual trainings with you, my perceived amount of stress as well as stress caused by cognitive load has been slowly ramping. From the first Carbine courses, much of my stress was created by new problems to solve whilst utilizing largely mine own existing skillsets. The Carbine course was the most basic amount of stress you could’ve introduced for me. Most of my existing skills gave me a huge cushion while the I████ ████s and additional stress placed gave me an opportunity to expand slowly towards more complex skills. In that same vein each block of instruction in regards to the hands on portion slowly built me a healthy base in regards to the TORIS hands on system.
What amazes me then is the ability for TORIS to give me challenging mental problems but keep them within a learning format that gave me positive reinforcement without creating a mutual admiration society. That brings us to what is honestly one of the stronger things that has kept me at TORIS... the lack of needing to build false camaraderie by creating a cult-like atmosphere. The program itself surpasses the falsehood of creating rites of passage or alpha male tests. It is simply work for works sake in the field of causing injury.
What I realize now is that the benefits of the TORIS teaching model coupled with the ratcheting stress exposure allowed me to better process and utilize the necessary skills for each situation. The TCCC course was an example of that, I was able to take and process the situation as well as utilize complex skills in an advanced-skills environment. This recent milestone then with the integration of tougher stressors has brought me to another milestone. During this last training evolution I was surprised by ability during my turns to achieve a pretty stable calm, even during the worse parts of it.

The auditory occlusion was amazing in that each of my turns, with the H█████████ ████k, I could not hear it for the life of me. In addition much of what I perceived during the Simulator became just like events that my brain processed as immediate or non-immediate threat.
The amazing piece of the simulator is the capability to inject new stressors. During each turn you could stop and insert a new variable on the fly, giving me more complex or simple problem sets, without feeling artificial or contrived.

The N███████ ███████k that you inserted my turn was interesting, it was one of the few clear things I heard next to the commands or the advice to continue scanning. Overall what I have learned in these past two years is the value of TORIS, away from the injury portion or even the simulator, really is encompassed in the Teaching Model. That capacity to give the student the ability to learn how to process high-stress situations while utilizing their fundamental skills in a complex environment is amazing.

--David W.

James | BJJ

I completed TORIS in NYC about two months ago and the lessons, tactical considerations, and experiences are still with me and continually evolving and forcing me to reevaluate “conventional” training models.

As a jiujitsu player it has both ruined and enhanced my training. I think the most beautiful thing about the system is that you don't have to forget what you've learned in the past. TORIS allows you to improve upon your skill sets. I'll be doing it again in 2015. Can't wait, although I know I'll regret saying that when I hit the Simulator.

    Black Belt
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Martin Nielsen | Operations Manager

A unique training opportunity that turned into the most realistic H2H experience to date in my career.

The structure, layout and execution of the course was perfect and compared to other fancy H2H courses, this one was taught in a realistic no nonsense fashion, that won't make you feel like Superman afterwards. Training Torin's way has a humbling effect and you realize just how valuable this form of training is to your survival.

--Martin Nielsen
    Operations Manager
    Bayshore Global

Emily Rose Morrison (Emii)

TORIS is the highest echelon of life-or-death self-defense training.

Having built a career that requires a great deal of travel, I've always managed to train wherever and whenever I can despite a schedule that is not remotely conducive to progressing in martial arts. I have trained in various styles in different dojos/dojangs/kwoons/etc. across the nation for a great deal of my life, continuing with the select few that weren't completely enveloped in hubris and inefficiency. Although I am not military or law enforcement, I've been involuntarily involved in a few unfortunate altercations that truly tested my ability and will to survive. That being said… there is NOTHING like TORIS but TORIS.

The physical components of TORIS training required me to completely rethink the way I've trained for years. At first, I was unable to understand the reasoning behind this model of training. Now that I comprehend it, there is no going back to the way I trained before. I will be applying these methods for life.

The amount of scientific knowledge presented with each aspect of training left no stone unturned, and I left my weekend of TORIS with more quality information than most training facilities will give you in years.

One of the most valuable aspects of TORIS is that it revolves heavily around the psychological elements of fighting for your life. TORIS effectively taps in to those inner demons that, if not controlled, will turn you into your own worst enemy. When Torin informed me I was the first female citizen to make it through 5RedTurns, my initial thought was "The first of many I hope." Learning to control the chaos in your own head despite the chaos around you is the most valuable skill ANY person can hope to attain. And in a dangerous situation, that ability to remain focused is undoubtedly life-saving.

--Emily Rose Morrison (Emii)

Mike Dasargo | Executive Protection Detail Leader

Providing “realistic” training is a complex task. Most training paradigms only superficially appear to be "realistic", and lack the depth and dynamics of violence including combat stress, neurological responses, mechanisms of injury, and physiological effects on performance. Furthermore, the types of stress associated with most “realistic” training methods also have negative effects on motor skill development when attempting new skills and techniques. Frequently the result is the myelination of inefficient movement patterns and decision making, and dampened sensory recognition.

TORIS has formulated a training method that not only simulates the effects of a neurological-cocktail dump into your bloodstream, but also manages to safely practice otherwise un-practicable techniques (due to high risks of injury)… in a high-stressor environment.

Training at TORIS provides a way that closely parallels the dynamism of violence while significantly reducing the risk of injury AND positively reinforce neurological pathways for learned material. The training method provides a holy grail of:
• training trauma-inducing techniques with minimal risk of injury in a high pressure environment
• high pressure testing while facilitating cognitive attention to task-specific demands
• providing a "danger room" model that provides psychological effects at subjective levels with minimal risk of developing PTSD
On a personal note, it's been 3 nights after training now, and my body is still experiencing sleep “fight-twitches” that I used to get when I was subjected to violence on a regular basis. For three consecutive nights since training I am still having violent dreams that I believe are reconstructions from old memories and that I don't perceive as nightmares. I actually perceive it as a healthy process of self-discovery.

I mention this because the only time I've had these experiences were from the aftermath of violent encounters.

I normally review experiences in an objective format, but I believe my anecdotal testimony speaks to to how well TORIS allowed my brain and body to experience and perceive violence without being hurt nor injured. There's nothing in my 20+ years experience as a Martial Artist, Training Instructor, and Security Agent that comes as close to experiencing “the real thing” while maintaining safety and productivity.

--Mike Dasargo
   Executive Protection Detail Leader

Thomas Fitzgibbon | California State Military Reserve

This is not the nonsense you see in the movies, nor is it a complicated martial art which will take you ten to fifteen years to master well enough to use in a real-life situation. This is a program which will teach you to defend your life, or that of another, with your current body-strength, speed, agility--and you'll be able to use it within days of introduction. You'll fight smarter, rather than harder.

I was in the Army for ten years, and spent eight of those years in the Infantry, and we had no training for hand-to-hand combat that even came close to this caliber; this should be mandatory for ever soldier, sailor, airman, marine, and guardsman. It could save your life, or the life of a comrade. Instruction was top-notch, and the academic portion was every bit as fulfilling as the hands-on training.

The knowledge-first/hands-on-second approach was the key to successful comprehension and application of the lessons; Torin has this technique mastered into an art form, and he knows how to keep his students interested and entertained at the same time. You will not be bored, left behind, or lost on the subject matter. I left after three days of intense training feeling confident and educated, and I will be returning to sharpen and hone what I've learned.

As Torin calls it, if "Being able to shoot bullets from your fingertips," isn't enough to convince you that this is the real-deal, then perhaps the Navy S.E.A.L.s, government agents, police officers, and 20-year experienced martial arts instructors who trained with me during my time at TORIS are testament to validity of the TORIS program. The TORIS workshop is second to none.

--Thomas Fitzgibbon
   California State Military Reserve

Joshua Primero

A lot has been said about the self defense aspect of TORIS. In a word, it is worldclass. But I will talk about TORIS differently to give a different perspective. I am somewhat of an adrenaline/fear junkie. I parkour, free solo climb, skydive, freedive, urban explore, etc.

Most people don't know what it feels like to be close to death or in a real fight (myself included). In one way, it is a good thing. But in another, without this experience we lose a very important perspective. After a dangerous experience, what is important and what is not becomes crystal clear.
But how do you get the death experience without the death risk?


I know NOW what it FEELS like to be in a real fight. And that is everything. More freedom, less fear, calmness for the rest of my life. All in just one TORIS weekend. Absolutely unreal.
And like all things that scare the shit out of me, I will be back and back and back over and over.

--Joshua Primero

Bryan Bentley

No words, spoken or written are available to do the experience justice. Only participating and sharing the it with other participants can one fully reflect on what just happened. It’s a real epiphany as difficult as it is. The perspective that it gives you is priceless and are unlikely to safely mimic it outside of this workshop.

Speaking from my own martial arts experience, I can confidently compare TORIS to nothing else out there. It stands alone in fulfilling the answer to one’s personal question of, “Is my training realistic and effective under life and death circumstances?”

The breakdown of the material is second to none with the research and science to back it up. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

--Bryan Bentley


I liked the [blackout exercise] a lot; you can’t train enough for surprise. Actually, I liked everything because the techniques are simple & effective when executed correctly. Just need to practice…


Chief O. Broussard | USN/VBSS

The TORIS 3 Day Intensive was a great training experience! The training methodology, background, and research is top notch. Torin really did his homework. He displayed an intense passion in enhancing the safety and capability of the class. As an owner of a personal defense training and consulting company I was humbled by Torin's program. I will be recommending his training to my current clients and prospects.

I look forward to training again with Torin. If you are looking for honest, real world, and relevant training for dealing with lethal threats TORIS should be on your list. I also look forward to future collaborations with TORIS.

--O. Broussard

Mandy Autrey | LEO

I recently had the privileged to attend training in the San Francisco area with the TORIS organization for their introduction course. The word WOW came to mind often during the training and as I reflect back on the training I still think WOW.

The training that was provided was not a "make you feel good and everyone is a winner at the end of the 20-hour training" session. It was an intense training that makes you feels great because you survived a very stressful and life-changing event.

As a female LEO with over 26 years of experience and training who works a job that makes me more of a target then my fellow male counterparts. I often seek out training that will push me to the next level to enhance my own personal safety.

Here is the most important information about this class that I can share; it is designed to mentally, emotionally and physically challenge you beyond your believed breaking point. This class should be mandatory training for all LEO’s and anyone who puts their life in harms way as a job. This class is also great training for all who want to defend themselves in the world regardless of where they live.

If you are looking for real complete self-defense training, which answers the why to techniques you are being taught then this is your training venue. Take this training to learn the real world application to defend yourself in the worst-case scenario.

If you’re a person who believes that your training has truly prepared you for the worst time of your life, take this training to enhance your true survival skills. Everyone will walk away with a better understanding of breaking through mental, emotional and physical stress in the time you need it the most.

As an owner who provides firearms and self-defense training I can truly appreciate the comprehensive training that is provided. Do yourself a favor and get trained by TORIS.

--Mandy Autrey
    Gunlady DFI


A truly impactful experience taking the TORIS Organization's Introduction to Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System Course. I have never taken or participated a class quite like this, and if any prospective student wishes to experience some next level exercises and learn their methods on how to address the odds-stacked-against-you, highly fluid, unpredictable, and heart pounding adrenaline combative scenarios, I suggest that you check out the curriculum from this organization.

Torin Hill and his cadre were instructors who were approachable, attentive to all of their students, carefully pushed each student based on individual capabilities and at the same time exercising necessary restraint to ensure safety and a conducive atmosphere

Torin Hill as the Master Instructor (besides the material itself) "makes the course" IMO. Unlike so many other instructors in this arena which feel like they need to be knuckle-dragging Drill Instructors, his attention, encouragement and approachable demeanor to each individual student's needs and capabilities are critical to the success not only for the student, but also the entire group. There are many folks who would benefit from this instruction who may otherwise be turned off by an instruction style that would be the more common 1-dimensional "in your face" style of bravado found with many other instructors.

This is not a "martial arts" class per say, but rather a serious introduction to some highly valuable and executable skills, HOW it is applied in an effective manner and establishing the right mind set; to keep fighting, survive, WIN no matter the odds even in the face of horror.

I look forward to training again with Torin. If you are looking for honest, real world, and relevant training for dealing with lethal threats TORIS should be on your list. I also look forward to future collaborations with TORIS.


Nicholas Benjamin

Mr. Torin Hill gets it right. He is passionate about his craft and is an exceptionally talented practitioner and instructor.

The TORIS training integrates the mental, physical, and social contexts of personal protection. The techniques and concepts taught need to be practiced after completing the workshop. You will get out of it what you put into it.

The TORIS two day workshop I attended in Los Angeles 6/21-22/2014 was outstanding in the quality of its content, instruction, and unique methodology of creating a realistic sense of experiencing combat stress.

I have never previously had the opportunity to actually spend hours safely, practicing using my EDC system with multiple committed training partners.

I was able to bring my own previous hands on combat and firearms training skill set and easily integrate it with the practical concepts and techniques taught in the course.

Emphasis on using the appropriate amount of force and being given clear examples of when and how they can be applied was critical and a clear difference from other trainings I have attended.

I learned effective techniques to use lower levels of force when appropriate as well as effective techniques to end an attack efficiently and the ethics and potential consequences involved in those choices.

Most importantly we had lots of time to practice hands on critical decision making choices under stress.

All of the participants were treated respectfully and questions were answered clearly and patiently. There was no time wasted for long food breaks. We were able to eat and hydrate and work continuously throughout the 20 hour intense course.

I plan to train with Mr. Hill again and strongly recommend without hesitation that anyone serious about personal protection attend a TORIS.

--Nicholas Benjamin

Robb C.

The twenty hour workshop gives you the experience of performing at your own personal margins where performance is the difference between life and death. It gives you the experience of making it through the morass of fatigue, anxiety, and physical discomfort that occurs when you are in the fight of your life. It scales with physical and mental preparedness making what you learn immediately useful. It builds upon the combat/martial art skills that you have and provides the confidence of knowing that you can handle “messy” real-world situations.

Equally impressive to the research done on the biomechanics of injury is the TORIS organization’s research on the methods and practice of teaching. It creates an environment of effective learning that goes well beyond the twenty hours of the workshop. You leave the workshop with the elucidating, if not transformative, experience in the Simulator as well as insight into your weakness and what is necessary to improve your performance.

--Robb C.

Christopher Jernberg

It's not that other martial arts don't work, but you need either something like TORIS which is safe and guided or you go in real combat and flip a coin of whether you will be injured, die or be OK.

I've been in enough fights and situations where death is breathing down my neck, to know what it is. Humans have a way of negotiating a milder treatment and I'm glad I did not choose that route with TORIS. I was the first to go in and I was instantly overtaken. I just could not believe what was happening to me.

I know when you read the description you might think "how bad can it be?"

Well, if you did like me and walked in like a child, making TORIS all there is, you might have a similar experience. I was dying and there was no way out.

Sit with that for a minute. You are dying and there is no way out.

Chances are that a deeper self will kick in as it did with me. It's like an enlightenment. You start reaching in all directions for a way. Then the training kicks in and the guiding voices of Torin and everyone there. It's just like a war zone. You are faced with yourself and whatever training you have.

This is the gift of the whole thing.

It may not be as extreme for everyone else but I'm glad I was taken to that place. I earned that screaming eagle patch. I didn't get it in my cornflakes box.

The result has been an extreme understanding and acceptance of reality. I find myself treating myself and others with absolute honesty. On the most minute level. I see the little or big fears in me whether on the couch or out in the Pacific Ocean. I'm able to release them, function and feel good.

Two thugs approached me the day after the workshop and I saw that if they decided to attack me it would be like fighting a tornado for them. In the grocery store I saw an old struggling woman and I really felt her, this incredible empathy. When you go into the heart of violence you go into the heart of life. This has been my experience.

--Christopher Jernberg

B. Carver

San Francisco was my second TORIS seminar in three months. I thought that would make it easier, but it was actually more difficult the second time around. Torin’s teaching methods raise the stress level of the training every time so you can’t get ahead of it with experience. The Spartan training areas he finds city to city will be some of the most unusual areas that you will ever train in. In the end after you have endured the simulator which is brutal you will feel a real connection with your training partners. I felt the reason for this was because we fought through it together and really accomplished something.

The instructors are all top notch with no egos and are always trying to raise you up and lead you to success.

This training is for those that want to truly push themselves and prepare for the worst type of street violence. I have decades of martial arts experience and I cannot see myself ever training any other way but the TORIS way.

--B. Carver


I am not a stranger to “personal lethal force” topics and techniques, but there was not a single area of of the TORIS workshop in which I did not either learn something completely new to me or a significant refinement on my existing knowledge or skills. I had many “a ha” moments when all the pieces slid into place for me. Mr. Hill has a genuine talent for teaching complex skills.

As a civilian, I enjoyed very much the opportunity to work alongside law enforcement officers who were attending the same workshop. I feel their presence, as well as my observing their own unique challenges to the material, helped me better understand the continuum of the use of force, most importantly the concept of restraint (both the internal act and external application).

Overall, I had the distinct impression that Mr. Hill and TORIS are not holding anything back; they are truly seeking to help bring their clients closer to being their peers in both the use and understanding the implications of lethal force.

--Charlie (last name withehld)

Tim Carpenter

I have trained in martial arts my whole life, competed in sport, fought in professional MMA, and worked as a bouncer for over 10 years, so I have been involved in plenty of intense and life threatening situations and the simulator does an amazing job at recreating the physical and mental challenges that go along with a violent encounter.

--Tim Carpenter

Greg W. | Physician

I recently attended the two day TORIS workshop in LA. While I didn't know what to expect, I had come to an epiphany awhile back regarding the neuroendocrine stress response to sudden violence. Needless to say, the entire weekend was an affirmation of my thoughts on the matter.

Mr. Hill has an extensive knowledge of both functional human anatomy/physiology as well as combative theory/application. The workshop pieces together disparate aspects of combatives, medical, legal, and weapons applications into a cohesive whole in a unique, proprietary way. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to pull the vail back from much of the hocus-pocus that exists in combative/martial arts training.

--Greg W.

Eddrick | USARMY

There is nothing in the martial arts/self-defense world that compares to the reality that TORIS provides you with. Stress truly is the ultimate performance diminishing drug, but the education and experience I was armed with by this program is the great equalizer.

You just cannot find another program that teaches and allows you to fight to save your life without losing it. I see things differently now and will never look at training the same way again.


Willard Ford

Without getting into the laundry list of things that I thought were amazing and unique, I will just point out the two most important things for me:
1) The system is an overlay for existing skills. It's easy to lose sight of this in the pitch of training as you lose control of your bodily functions and nearly give in to the stress. It's designed to overload you and it does.
2) TORIS makes sure you understand that while stress can be reduced, it can never to nullified. Despite this fact, TORIS addresses the need to succeed. Training success is key.

Finally, a quick soundbite: "No other system addresses the need for a self-defense system that incorporates the level of martial sportsmen. Most RBMA systems discount the superior conditioning, skills, and athleticism of elite level athletes. TORIS more than accommodates it. The system embraces it.

--Willard Ford

Mandala Meynard Ancheta

TORIS is the truest and most pedagogically-advanced armed and unarmed fighting system ever devised. The TORIS pedagogy is cutting-edge and highly informed by the most current theorization, concepts, and ideas in the field of education, human performance, and combat arms. Torin Hill has done his homework on the subject and put together a “total” system with a highly thought out student centered pedagogical framework. It is brilliant!

However intense it was, the two day program barely scratched the surface. My 20-year journey in the martial arts has been like grasping for little bits of light in a dark cave. Meeting Torin is like finding someone with a big bright torch and a map. In two days, I saw a glimpse into a highly logical and humanist process to take a human being from zero to the highest level of performance.

At TORIS, there is a plan with an obvious and hidden curriculum designed to take you to another level of awareness and performance. Get ready for a paradigm shift. I attended an intensive workshop on Personal Lethal Force, but it is obvious that there is much more at work in the mind of Torin Hill. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Empty your mind!
Embrace the suck!
When Torin smiles, get ready for a ride… because Kansas is going bye-bye!
_____________________________________________________________ ADDENDA
You know the training is good when after months have passed you're still thinking about it. I believe people often just think about the physical impact of the Simulator, but to me psychological impact is more telling of the actual value of experience. I have come to the conclusion that the proprietary software that is TORIS actually affects and overtime changes the hardware that is your brain; re-configuring the neural networks to improve the way you observe, orient, decide, and act in a combative event.

The training is not physically difficult nor dangerous, but it does turn your psychological perspective upside down and attempts to un-crust and tear apart the rusted over schemas about “martial arts” that you've formed in your mind. It's a mind job! And if it's as purposeful and intentional as I think it is; then, it's a work of genius. It is deep and complex, you can keep coming back and understand another layer of how it really works. And yet, it is also accessible and useful immediately. More importantly, it really makes you think more about the training that you've done, the training you are doing, and the training that you will do.

--Meynard Ancheta
   Mandala, Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Adrian Gonzales

Torin Hill does a great job on teaching an individual how to manage a highly stressful situation in a positive way so that you can make better decisions under those conditions. What I enjoyed most was his ability to keep adding layers and layers to the method and connecting concepts together so the student is able to comprehend the ideas of the program. I highly recommend the TORIS program and look forward to training more with Torin in the future.

--Adrian Gonzales

Charlie Salguero

You won't be the same after the simulator is over.

I am more aware of my surroundings and I feel like I can approach anyone now. This work shop does a great job at simulating what your body goes through during a life threatening and lethal situation. It will actually trick your mind into thinking that death is within arms reach. It's a powerful feeling that you need to become familiar with because there will be no time to adjust when you're in the fight for your life.

I think the most important thing I learned is that you have to embrace the feelings of panic, fear and stress. In the end, they're the only emotions that are going to keep your mind focused on survival. Everything I learned about the human body was also very invaluable.

--Charlie Salguero

Cpl Jake Young | USMC

If any student had a problem, Instructors would address it immediately until the student fully understood the situation.

--Jake Young
   1st Division

Vitali A.

Amazing but very challenging course.

If you have a background in marital arts and believe that you have the moves learned cold that will one day save your life, be ready to be in a situation where you will have to dig them out of the bottom of your memory like an old forgotten childhood book.

The level of stress and panic is very high, the feeling at completion is tremendous. Certainly would recommend it to anybody in good mental and physical shape.

--Vitali A.
    Cardiac Surgeon

David P.

The format definitely changes the mindset, rather than just practicing moves. Works for anyone that has been in a fight, and knows: whatever you planned you were going to do isn't going to be the way it goes down!

The training also helps with understanding you can't just come straight out with a specific move, and have to wait for the opportunity to present itself. And that isn't always going to be right away.

--David P.

Domenico Scaduto

I appreciated the attention to real world factors when applying learned techniques. Example; Stress, decision making and awareness of surroundings. The organization of individual ideas, theories, and tidbits of information combined in to a larger model for ease of memorization and execution.

--Domenico Scaduto

Master Butch Pierson

How can you describe something that tests your stress level, physical level, mental awareness, pre-conceived ideas? You cant. You have to experience it yourself. I recommend you go with no pre-conceived ideas of what to expect and just soak in the experience.

--Butch Pierson
    Master, Kung Fu San Soo

Chief K.D. | USN/NSW

… Can't get over the genius of your presentation, as it applies to weapons, targets and operational anatomy.

--Chief K.D.

Otis Henry

I attended an “Open House” for Personal Lethal Force to get a feel for the environment of TORIS courses prior to attending the AR130/230 course.

Not really being interested in self-protection, I went into the course to see the structure of training only, but left with enough knowledge that I now want to continue training in that discipline. The instructions were simple to understand and the instructors didn’t make you feel belittled when correcting you. I felt all instructors honestly wanted you to learn the material and learn it the correct way. In short, a great group of people both the instructors as well as the students (male & female).

--Otis Henry

Cpl Nathan Webster | USMC

The course had a gradual build up of difficulty, which in the end built better results. Everything was helpful.

--Nathan A. Webster
   1st Division