The Simulator™

We frequently get asked “what is The Simulator?” Let's start off with why we needed it.

Why not focus on the 90%? There’s an old saw that survival “is 90% mental and 10% physical.” So why is the training paradigm upside down? Defensive Tactics, Combatives, Martial Arts—they focus on the mechanical skills necessary to control a dangerous situation. You spend 90% of the time on techniques and 10% goes to lectures on “mental toughness” or quotes from General Patton.

The common approach is similar to “accident reconstruction”—you go through the motions of an assault, but the mental/emotional stresses aren't part of the equation. You can spend years stockpiling thousands of techniques, but when confronted with real danger, even the best of us can choke.

We freeze; unable to get our guns out, our hands up, or even find our voices. We learn something while fighting for our lives: it doesn’t remind us of our training. The high-fidelity drills you get with sim-rounds, live burns, flight sims; none of these capture the mental state you experience in crisis.

For most people, it's “focus on physical practice and hope you'll remember in a dangerous scenario.” We started backwards, and analyzed how you'll remember a dangerous scenario. We looked at how your performance suffers during the event; how to recognize the next one; and how your memories can be manipulated to better prepare you for the future.

The Simulator is our solution to the misalignment between the mental demands and mental preparation. Our way of bringing you an exhausting, terrifying, violent assault… without the training injuries. Giving you a chance to see what goes on inside a critical incident, what it takes to survive, and how to put your vital skills into context.

What is The Simulator?

“OK… but what is The Simulator?”

It is a purpose-built learning format with custom training aids structured around how you perceive, recall, and gain experience in stressful events. It’s hundreds of stories from First Responders and Military personnel about violent situations—reverse-engineered. So you can “touch the Monolith” from the safety of the schoolhouse. We designed the format with cutting-edge information from neuroscience, educational psychology, motor learning, stress response theories, and pedagogy; along with the best practices and tactical considerations that go into crisis situations.

Inside The Simulator we induce a tremendous amount of stress, targeted to the six ways you’ll experience changes in yourself when a critical incident is really happening. You’ll end up painfully aware of your expectations and limitations, and see how much it takes to make the right call, or use the right equipment. You’ll stumble, struggle, push through your fears—of failure, of dying—and live to talk about it.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to truly self-evaluate. Not just “how’s my weapons handling or combative technique?” but “how good is my TCCC, comms, and self control when things are BOLOd?” “How will I sleep at night with the decisions I've made?” “Will I survive if that happens tomorrow?”

While details about our methods require an NDA, we can share the testimonials from our clients. If you read through their experiences, you’ll see a common theme: our clients felt real fear and stress that mirrored what they’ve seen on the job. Next to a traumatic event, there are very few training opportunities in the market that will leave you with nightmares.

Do you want to figure out more about yourself than just gear placement or marksmanship? Jump into the toughest two days we can guarantee you'll survive.